Your Questions About Bubble Town

Sandra asks…

What are these SSA Bubble Boy stickers I keep seeing around town in Salt Lake City?

I keep seeing stickers around town on signs and stuff in Salt Lake City of a blonde kid blowing a bubble with the letters SSA, seriously, what the hell are these for?

I’m curious because they look pretty cool actually ;)

poker holdem answers:

They’re from a clothing company:

James asks…

Whats that commercial with the yellow bubble people in the small town?

There’s a blue bubble in the commercial too and it tries to paint itself to fit in but it rains and his paint comes off!

poker holdem answers:

Frito-Lay! I found it for you :)

Richard asks…

What would be the perfect girl for the local bubble boy in my town?

Obviously…he doesn’t get out much. She needs to be germ-free so don’t suggest Paris Hilton or Amy Winehouse. lol

poker holdem answers:

Any chick who will give him a hand job through his bubble!

William asks…

any tips for bubble town on facebook!!? Im trying to beat my friends score and im rubbish aha!!?

i do the whole bouncing off the side thing but still failing :( loll

poker holdem answers:

That would have been my guess. And practice!

Robert asks…

anyone know any cheats for the sony ericsson ”bubble town” game?

poker holdem answers:

You dont get any cheats for this game buddy, its just a puzzle game for wasting time whn your stuck at bus stops.

Good fun but dont take it to seriously….

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