Your Questions About Omaha Poker Rules

Susan asks…

Can someone explain the rules for Omaha Hi-Lo (Poker)?

I love pot limit omaha (Hi)…but I don’t understand the rules for Omaha Hi-Lo can someone please explain…thanks.

poker holdem answers:

OK, you know Omaha… 2 cards in your hand, 3 on the board. That doesn’t change.

In Hi-Lo, the pot can be split, High hand gets half, Low hand gets half.

For a hand to qualify as low, there can be no pairs, and nothing higher than an 8. Straights and flushes do not apply. An Ace is low. So having A-2-3-4-5 is the best low hand, and 4-5-6-7-8 would be the worst hand that still qualifies.

You can use different cards in your hand to make high and low, it just still has to be 2 from your hand, 3 from the board.

If you have A-3-Q-K in your hand, and the board says K-4-2-7-K, then you have 3 Kings for your high hand, and A-2-3-4-7 for low.

Obviously, if there are 3 low cards 8 or lower on the board, then there cannot be a low hand, and the High hand takes it all.

William asks…

anyone know the rules for omaha this happened at fulltilt poker?

ok i had a hand that was 5 5 8 9 all off suit and the other player had a k 10 7 he won with a two pair aces kings but i had a str8 with ace through 5 how is this possible pleease help how can a str8 loose to a two pair aces and kings on omaha ????
i had a pair of fives the flops came out as a ace through 5 straight and it said i had ace 4 two pair and the winner had ace king two pair but i had a str8 i looked at the hand like 10 times to see if i did something or saw something wrong

poker holdem answers:

I REALLY hope you aren’t playing for real money since you don’t yet know how to play this game!

You did NOT have a straight. You could not POSSIBLY have had a 5-high straight with only a 5, 5, 8, 9 in your hand.

In Omaha Poker, you MUST use 2 cards from your hand, and 3 cards from the board. No exceptions.

If there was an Ace-2-3-4 on board, you don’t have a straight just because you had a 5. You would have had to have a 5 and a 2, or a 5 and a 3, or a 5 and a 4, or a 5 and an Ace.

Again – Unlike Hold ’em, you MUST use 2 cards from your hole cards when you make your best 5-card hand.


Lol, Jason. And Jacob M beat me, too! (While I was typing!)

David asks…

Home poker rules…to have each player be responsible for their own best hand or not?

So lets say “Player1” is up for dealing and explains a poker game and the rules of gameplay. (e.g. Omaha Hi-Lo, Baseball, 7 card stud, etc) Player1 deals the cards and after betting Player1 doesn’t have a winning hand; Player2 and Player3 agree that Player2 beat Player3’s hand. Player2 is about to take his chips and at this instant Player1 realizes Player3 has a better hand afterall. what is done here?

a) Does Player1 speak up who really won before Player2 takes the chips?
b) Does Player2 take the chips afterall?

poker holdem answers:

The Dealer is in charge of the table-PERIOD. Especially if that dealer has called the type of game for that hand. No one should be upset, or take offense to being told they don’t actually have the best hand, as rules are rules. They may not like it, but that’s the way it goes.
Dealers are in charge of directing the action of the players, the pot, and any side pots and if they see the winning hand it is their responsibility to point it out.

Daniel asks…

I have a hand conflict in OMAHA Hold’em Poker. Poker experts needed.?

Okay, so we’re playing a game of poker at home and we decide to play one hand of Omaha. We know the rules but then we had something come up that none of us knew how to handle. The 5 community cards were as follows: 8H 8C KC KD 6C

My hand was KS 2C 2H 4D
Player #2 had QC 3C 9H 7D
Player #3 had AC 3D 9D 10D
Player #4 had AS 2D 5C JS

OK, so we had a split pot. The main pod included all four of us, and the side pot included myself and players 3 and 4. We gave the main pot to player 2 because he had a flush and was actually able to play two cards out of his hand. I had a full house playing my king, but then couldnt play a second card from my hand so we understood my hand to be unplayable. Players 3 and 4 wanted it to be a split pot between themselves, having Kings and Eights, Ace kicker, but they could not play a second card out of their hands either and still have a hand. Sooo, what on earth do we do with this side pot? Answers greatly appreciated. If my description was not clear let me know. Thanks.
OK. We thought that if since the eights were out there that if they could better the hand they had to be used….we usuallly stick to texas hold’em where we actually know what we are doing. We knew that we had to use two from our hand and 3 from the board, but we didnt know that you could just exclude the pair of eights. We thought that since they bettered the hand they had to be played.

poker holdem answers:

You aren’t making sense… What do you mean a hand is “unplayable”? In Omaha, you HAVE to use 2 cards from your hand and HAVE to use 3 from the board. That’s it.

So, you didn’t have a full house which is unplayable… You simply don’t have a full house. You use the King and 4 from your hand, and the 2 kings on the board plus one 8, and you have 3 Kings. KKK84.

You opponents don’t have 2 pairs with the Ace kicker. One of them uses the A10, the other uses the AJ. They have a pair of Kings, with their kickers.

You should have won the side pot with 3 Kings.

Mark asks…

What are the rules for a H.O.R.S.E. poker tournament?

I am interested in playing a H.O.R.S.E. tournament with some friends. I know that stands for Hold ‘Em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Stud and Seven Stud Eight-or-Better, but…
1) What order are the games played in?
2) What are the appropriate ante/blinds to keep the games even?

poker holdem answers:

“2) you shouldn’t go by the blinds and antes because you are playing different varieties of games, instead use the limits as your guide…the limits should go up after switcing every GAME TYPE, not every GAME…that means you should play the limit hold’em and omaha 8, then the limits should increase before you play the razz, stud, and stud 8, and then the limits should increase again before the limit hold’em and omaha 8, and the cycle continues”.

This is not correct. In a HORSE tournament, you do increase limits after every game type, but each game is a “game type”. You’ll want to increase the limits after hold’em, after Omaha Hi/Lo, after Razz, etc. You can find a good HORSE structure at, or here:

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