Your Questions About Omaha Poker

Betty asks…

How do you add omaha poker to yahoo games?

Wanting to play omaha poker, how can i add this game on yahoo?

poker holdem answers:

They don’t offer omaha….just texas hold em…

If you want to play omaha and other poker games, go to You can play with play money.

Sharon asks…

Are there any good Omaha poker books in the audio book format?

Also I would be interested in any Omaha poker DVD’s that are available other than the one
starring David Sklansky and Todd Brunson.

poker holdem answers:

I don’t really think so, as there just isn’t as much out there about omaha or plo as there is holdem.

William asks…

What is the best strategy for short stacked pot limit omaha poker?

I am starting to learn pot limit omaha, i have heard that there is either an article or book or website that has discussed a specific strategy for playing short stacked cash games. (20 big blinds), the author may be either gus or rolf.

poker holdem answers:

Gus Hansen..

Richard asks…

Difference between good and bad players in Omaha poker?

What makes “amateur” a professional Omaha player?

poker holdem answers:

The decisions you make on average and problem hands distinguish men from the boys, and women from the girls not only in Omaha poker, but in any type of poker.
Also it’s decisions based on mathematics. Your psychology and mood.

Mary asks…

Whats the difference between Holdem and Omaha Poker?

How are the games played differently? What tactics change between the games?

poker holdem answers:

In Hold ’em, you are dealt two cards face down. In Omaha, you are dealt four. Other than that they are entirely the same thing.

One important note though, is that in Omaha you can only actually USE two of your four cards… For example, even if you are dealt four queens, you don’t have four of a kind, you really just have a pair of queens. You must be aware of this when playing Omaha, because otherwise you are in danger of thinking you have a better hand than you actually do!

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