Your Questions About Plo Omaha

Laura asks…

Omaha PLO or Texas hold’em;which of these two games requires more skills and brains?

poker holdem answers:

Actually gonna disagree with plo – not sure there is a right or wrong answer to this question – it does depend which game you like more and is more appealing I think

In PLO the volatility is greater do to there being so many more possibilities – and one card can much more likely take a person from the nuts to a lesser hand than his opponent – so you are more likely to have bigger pots with two people willing to get their chips in the middle on the flop or before and at that point – the cards fall where the gods decide….lol

no matter which game in theory talent and skill will still reign supreme over the long haul

I think holdem heads up requires a little more skill but one reason for that is because most people I think have a better A game of holdem than A game of Omaha PLO –

Good Luck:)

Jenny asks…

What is the best PL Omaha strategy book?

I’ve been playing PLO for a couple years now and am pretty much self taught. I’d like to learn how the game is supposed to be played. Any book suggestions?

poker holdem answers:

TJ Cloutier’s book on Omaha

Maria asks…

who would you rather play plo hu for 50,000 hands…?

on 4 tables on full tilt poker? durrrr or Antonious?

(plo = pot limit omaha; hu = head’s up)

poker holdem answers:

Can I pick neither?

If I HAD to choose, I would probably pick Patrik because he seems just slightly more predictable. And durrrr is also currently winning the challenge. :P Either of them would crush me for sure, I am not even that good at plo to start. Give me something like triple-draw lowball or stud8, then I could maybe hemorrhage less money.

Sharon asks…

What does the “2-5” in 2-5 PLO mean?

I love playing Omaha and I’m thinking about trying out a tournament in AC since it’s right next door, but what does the “2-5” mean?

poker holdem answers:

Right.. That indicates the blinds.. Also a player can bet $2 to $5 (or raise that amount) any time during the hand. This is obviously not a turny.. But a cash game

Carol asks…

Full tilt rakeback earned at 25 and 50 NL and PLO?

Anyone care to share how much their rakeback earnings are at Full Tilt at 25 and 50 NL and Pot Limit omaha per 100 hands?


poker holdem answers:

Try using the rakback calculator at “it calculates at hours rather than hands though”

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