Your Questions About Pot Limit Omaha

Thomas asks…

Pre flop raising in Pot Limit Omaha, could you explain the rules?

After the flop, I understand the betting and raising. It’s just preflop I have a bit of mis understanding. Please use 5-10 blinds as an example…with first to act raising, last to act raising with callers, etc. Thanks.

poker holdem answers:

IN 5-10 PLO or Pot Limit anything, the opening raise will be 3 times the big blind + whatever else is in the pot, so in 5-10 you can raise it to between 20 and 35. If two people call the 10 in front of you, you can make it up to 55. In pot limit you can either bet the amount in the pot, or, if you want to raise it is always 3 times the previous bet times whatever else is in the pot. Preflop it is considered a raise and therefore the 3x raise+ pot comes into play.

Helen asks…

What is the best starting hand in pot limit Omaha?

poker holdem answers:

A computer program of comparing combinations in pot limit Omaha, which calculates the percentage of winning a particular hand against the other hand, shows that double-suited A-A-K-K is best possible starting hand in Omaha High. Many people do not agree with computer.
They think that the best possible starting hand in Omaha Hi is double-suited A-A-J-T. It is obvious that with such a hand you can make more straights than with A-A-K-K. Of course, you will not have the three kings with A-A-J-T, but the only thing that gives you the presence of K-K is an opportunity to have three (or four) of kings. A-A-J-T nullifies the force of the Kings in such way that with this hand there are many more combinations that will be favorites, if you make them.

Mary asks…

Is there anywhere in Las Vegas where i can play a low level Pot Limit/No Limit Omaha or Omaha Hi/Lo?

i know there are plenty of places to play $1/$2 texas, but i am curious about $1/$2 omaha, or even $0.50/$1…not limit, either pot limit or no limit

never been to vegas, my first trip is in a few months, and looking to see if i can find the game i like before i go… thanks

poker holdem answers:

You can definitely find $1/$2 PLO games at the Venetian. That game runs almost all the time. That’s probably your best bet.

I haven’t seen much PLO8 anywhere.

You might also try Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace, though.

Paul asks…

How to play Pot limit Omaha 8 at a casino?

I was thinking of playing a pot limit omaha 8 tournament at a casino and I know how to play the game online but how do you play the “pot limit” part of it. You can only bet whats in the pot so do you tell the dealer, “bet pot” and put a big amount of chips in and they do it for you, or are you suppose to know exactlly how much to bet?

I know how to play it online and I can’t overbet lol but not sure how much ur suppose to know in live tournament. Thanks!

poker holdem answers:

When you bet the pot, you are calling any bets and then raising the entire pot at that point. So if there is a $5 bet to you and there is $20 in the pot, you can call the $5 and then raise another $30 on top of that for a total of $35.

Just say “pot” and the dealer will tell you how much you need to put in. Just be careful that you are clear in what you say or ask at the table. You don’t want to accidentally bet the pot when you are trying to ask the dealer how much it currently is.

Michael asks…

is there a casino in kiev that has pot limit omaha or holdem?

Looking for a casino in kiev that has poker

poker holdem answers:


I found this website;

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