Your Questions About Pot Limit Omaha

Sharon asks…

What are the main principles and mistakes when playing pot-limit Omaha?

Tell me about basic strategy, principles and common mistakes in potlimit Omaha.

poker holdem answers:

There are many principles and mistakes. It will take hours to write them all.
I propose to read this blog Very informative and clear.

Maria asks…

What is a good online site for playing low stakes pot limit omaha?

poker holdem answers:

I recommend you
Its one of the best sites for omaha and also one of the biggest poker sites of course. Good luck

Lisa asks…

what is the best reading material for pot limit omaha 8 or better?

i know that this is mainly played online, is there a place to play it live or any live videos of said? thanks

poker holdem answers:

You should start a game at your house… Buy some beer or soft drinks and get your friends to come over and play.

I love playing cards/poker at home.

Have fun.

Joseph asks…

What is the best starting hand in pot-limit omaha?

poker holdem answers:

A lot players consider AAKK double suited as the best starting hand in Omaha high. Now other consider AAJT and AAKQ double suited also as the most powerful starting hands in Omaha high (because of the possibility)

Nancy asks…

Can anyone please give me some easy steps on how to play “pot limit Omaha?

Please HELP ME!!!!!!! i really am confused on how to play this game!

poker holdem answers:

If you know how to play texas hold’em then you know how to play Omaha Hold’em

the differnce
1. You have 4 cards in stead of 2 in your hand
2. You HAVE to use 2 cards in your hand and 3 on the board (unlike texas hold’em where you can use 1 hand card and 4 on the board or youe 2 card in your hand and 3 on the board)

thats the only difference

now on “pot limit” thats means your biggest bet can be no larger then the pot and in some games you can go “all in” but most of the time you can only bet as much as the pot

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