Your Questions About Texas Holdem Calculator

Michael asks…

Hi all, I am looking for a Texas Holdem Calculator for Windows that is not an online auto read one?

All I am after is a simple windows program that I can plug the cards I get and the community cards into that advises me what to do, nothing too complex. This is not for real gambling I am learning the game. All the ones I can find have screen readers for onling gamling. I am guessing one must exist but can anyone recommend one?

poker holdem answers:

Here ya go:

William asks…

I am looking for the best texas holdem ODD Calculator?

Does anyone know which one is the best, and have a full version with a serial? I will transfer money into your account for it… thanks

poker holdem answers:

#1: Poker Office.
#2: Texas Calculat’em.

Mandy asks…

texas holdem poker frequency calculator?

Basically I’m trying to find the odds of making different hands in poker. For example if you played 1000 hands, how often would you end up with a pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush ect… It would really help if someone gave me a link or anything at all.

poker holdem answers:

Those are really hard to calculate because you can have any two hole cards and then add in the combination of having any 3 on a flop. You could run a program to see where your at but it’s tricky. Here are some after you see the flop and have a hand.


Chris asks…

How doe’s one calculate “outs” while playing no limit texas holdem. From hole cards.flop,turn,river?

Though new to Texas holdem, I have been verrry lucky. I play “tight”…and do not use any software calculators .etc. Since if I do make it to the big event there will be none available. Help! I am getting tired of being uncertain re/ my hand.

poker holdem answers:

The previous answer was pretty good, except the guy mis-defined “out.” An “out” is a card that will give you a better hand than your opponent’s. So, the implication is that you are behind and must improve to win. Sometimes you think certain cards are outs, when in reality they are not. For instance, you hold As Ks, and your opponent holds Qh Qd. You are behind, but you have 6 outs (an ace or a king will make your hand better than your opponent’s). Now say the flop is:

Qs 10s 10c

You now have a pair of tens, but your opponent has a full house. Maybe you assume your opponent has paired the Q, so you figure another ace, king, or any spade will give you the win (13 outs). However, you are wrong on all counts. You are practically drawing dead since the only way to improve to a winning hand is by catching runner runner AA or KK on the turn and the river. Or you could catch your royal flush with the Js (your only true “out”).

John asks…

POt odd Calculator (online) TexasHoldem?

Anyone have any advise on a good online pot odd calculator for Texas Holdem?

And how effective are they?

poker holdem answers:

There is one at but if you are looking for one with heads up display to use while your playing I would recommend Texas Calculatem.

As far as effectiveness it will help a beginner to make the right plays as far as pot odds and such but as the first guy said , it’s definitely not a miracle tool.

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