Your Questions About Texas Holdem Hands

Mark asks…

Why am i addicted to these hands in Texas Holdem?

KJ Suited, KQ Suited, AJ Suited, QJ Suited. These hole cards seem to be actively screaming at me to Raise. Should i ignore these voices?

poker holdem answers:

It depends on your position,your image, your stack size in relation to the blinds, the type of player you are perceived as, your reads on your opponents, their stack size etc etc. Poker is way more than just cards.

James asks…

What is the ranking of the best starting hands in Texas Holdem?

I know A-A is best. Then probably K-K. Is Q-Q next or is AK better? I would like to know the entire ranking from best to worst (7-2 offsuit I believe)

poker holdem answers:

This is a good site to look at–the power rating shows you the average worth of each hand. He also gives strategy hints on things.

Charles asks…

is there a website or software to check holdem hands?

Is there a software or website that i can use to check texas holdem hands? basically my problem is, I have 500 of the NY lottery poker scratchoffs but i cant read poker hands good enough to tell if i won on any of them. is there a website or software where i can input the community cards and hole cards and it can tell me which hand won? or at least what the best hand combination?

poker holdem answers:

Poker on lottery tickets are very easy. The pays are listed on each ticket and if thats to hard then have the store check them. Any win will be easy to see once you get the hang of it. Try Full Tilt Poker or even check out a book on poker at the library.

William asks…

need to know texas holdem wining hands?

i need to know which hand beats which hand in texas holdem like for example if 2 people have a three of a kind which one wins or if two people have the same one pair which one wins and if nobody has any hands who wins please explain in detail apriciate your answers guys

poker holdem answers:

If two people have a set (3 of a kind) the higher 3 of a kind wins, so if player 1 had 3 4’s and player 2 had 3 9’s the 9’s would take it.

If both players have the same pair, then it comes down to there kiker, the other card in there hand, whose is higher? Unless all cards on the board are higher then bother players kikers then it would be a split pot.

-Poker Pro-

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Ruth asks…

what are the odds of having straight flush on the river back to back hands in texas holdem?

poker holdem answers:

It’s hard to calculate the probability exactly as asked.

Answering this question is easier…if you play 2 consecutive hands all the way to the river, what are the odds of them both giving you straight flushes?

With this modification, now all we have to do is determine the probability of getting a straight flush in holdem after all the community cards have been dealt…and this is been already calculated before usually under “7 card stud probabilities”…because after the river is dealt, you have 7 cards to make your best 5 card poker hand, just like 7 card stud. See:

The probability of getting a straight flush by the end of the hand is:

Square this to get your answer:
(0.00027851)^2 = 0.0000000775678201 = 1 in 12.9 million

Your actual question chances will even be more rare than this because you can fold, etc.

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