Your Questions About Texas Holdem Online

Susan asks…

what is the best free online texas holdem site?

I like to play texas holdem online, with tokens. I was playing on, but I only get on a table about 1 every 10 times. Any other good sites??

poker holdem answers:

There are a few good sites to play Poker free online, however, you do have to be 18 to register on them (don’t worry, they are free and you play with play money!)

These two sites are the two biggest online free Poker playing sites.

Hope this helps :P

Lisa asks…

Online texas holdem site for money?

I’m looking for a good legit site to play Texas Holdem online for money. Thanks!

poker holdem answers:

Start with Full Tilt:

Poker Stars is second, IMO and Ultimate Bet is a distant third:

Read the reviews of each of these sites and others that I’d personally recommend at and where you’ll also find tips on how to securely deposit and withdraw as well as bonus codes to each site’s best current bonus. Hope this helps.

David asks…

How long does the average online texas holdem tournament take?

I’ve only been playing online for a short time and haven’t had a chance to enter a tournament yet (I play on Party Poker if that information is needed to answer the question). Thanks in advance.

poker holdem answers:

It depends on how well you do. Look at how long the blinds will take to increase. Usually longer blinds mean longer tournaments. You want the tournament to last as long as possible, cuz that will mean you are winning. Good luck.

Ruth asks…


Hi.I,m looking for online texas holdem poker sites,rooms where i can play no limit texas holdem,omaha,stud games for free.I,m new and i would like to try good poker room for free.Is it possible to find poker room with no deposit bonus..??? If yes where…Thx for answer.

poker holdem answers:

Many poker sites,rooms online offer free no deposit texas holdem poker games.This promotions is only for new real players…

Cd poker room -play online texas holdem poker for free win real money no deposit.50$ + 100$ for sign up

Vc poker-play online poker texas holdem games for free win real cash.35$ no deposit only for sign up

poker770-50$ no deposit bonus.Play online holdem poker for free

Pitbull poker room-10$ free no deposit.Play online texas poker for free.Us players ok

Crazy pokerroom 10$ no deposit for every new sign up.Free poker rooms,sites

Online poker sites with best sign up bonuses.Play texas hold em poker for free

Play free online poker win real cash no deposit

Poker for free.This is the answer you are looking for.Best and free poker sites,rooms with no deposit bonus

Sandy asks…

What is the legal age to play online Texas Holdem Poker in texas?

i know casinos are 21 because the drinking age but i don’t think online actuall betting is 21 because you can’t obv drink online… also im almost 19.. so i think i can just not posative… just give me some feedback please
im talking about betting money though

poker holdem answers:

It’s 18+ for most of the reputable online poker sites, and you can find reviews of each at and where you’ll also find tips on how to securely deposit and withdraw as well as bonus codes to each site’s best current bonus. Hope this helps.

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