Your Questions About Texas Holdem Poker Free

Lisa asks…

Free poker bonus no deposit.Where i can play poker for free?

Hi.I,m looking for poker sites offering free poker money no deposit.Can you tell me where i can play free texas holdem poker for free no deposit?

poker holdem answers:

For online poker with no deposit you can try Pitbull Poker which offers $10 and VC Poker which offers $35. Read the details at and Pitbull is no download as well

Joseph asks…

Where do all the U.S.A. Texas Holdem Poker players play now that they are banned to play with real money?

I have a texas holdem poker site free to signup for all U.S.A. and any other country players that would like to play. I know there are a lot of players that are looking to play. Where can I find these players? I have searched and searched, but am not having lots of luck. Just by joining our site we do bi-weekly raffles, and if you upgrade you can play monthly, and quarterly tournaments for prizes.. The more players the bigger the prizes. That’s why I am looking to find these players. Here is my site:

poker holdem answers:

Have you tried this one, I always play there with real money:

Charles asks…

i cant find texas holdem poker on line, that is free & that u dont hav 2 sighn up 2 play,can any one help?

that is free & that u dont hav 2 sighn up 2 play

poker holdem answers:

You have to sign up for any online poker site, but it’s not that big of a deal. For the free sites i go to or, either will do. It’s fun and they’re alot of options and stuff. I recommend it. Just check it out.

Chris asks…

face book texas holdem poker question?

hi there is there anyway that i can get lots of free chips on zynga texas holdem poker on facebook????

thanks for any help on this..

poker holdem answers:

Just go and sit at an open table were you can example: use 1000 chips and could earn up to something like 10000

Paul asks…

How to play poker texas hold em?

Any free sources where I can learn how to play poker texas hold em?

And would like to play some free texas holdem while I learn too

Thank you !

poker holdem answers:

I started young & careless and deposited $25, lost it all in a couple hours. Tried again, and again, and again. Finally I invested in a couple books, tweaked my strategy a little and played more strict. I am now up around $550 for the last year, playing a couple nights a week at the small stakes.

If your interested in playing online, I recommend a site called OddsMaker. You can start at their free “play money” tables and when your confident in your abilities you can make a deposit and play for real money. It has online poker & sports betting. A big plus is that since it also has the sports wagering, many of the poker players are just killing time, which means easy money for us! If you are interested check it out at Enter 1393061 in the “referred by” box when signing up and you will also receive a 20% bonus on your first deposit. Another cool thing about OddsMaker, if you have some other friends that you know are interested, you can refer them and make 10% from them for life. Good luck!

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