Your Questions About Texas Holdem Poker Online

Richard asks…

is there any Texas Holdem poker game online with real money?

and like it’s real and not fake money and also if say you so. 100 how would you get it

poker holdem answers:

There was a law passed in the US, no gambling allowed on line in the states

Lizzie asks…

What are some good websites to play online texas holdem poker with real money, micro limit betting?

poker holdem answers:

Fulltilt and pokerstars both have 1 and 2 cent no limit poker games going 24/7. They are two of the bigger and more respected sites to play on.

Donna asks…

online texas holdem (poker)?

wat r some good free poker site where i dont have to download anything?

poker holdem answers:
you might have to make an account but its free and takes like 5 minutes. The poker is really good though.

Helen asks…

Does anybody think online poker (Texas Holdem) is like a religion?

I got to thinking about this. Players log on every day to ‘worship’ the poker gods. They study diligently to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game.

Their primary motive is profit, but they also talk about the game with passion and intelligence. They seek to convert non-players into players, as if poker itself were a religion that one can choose to join, or not.

They make donations to the cause (though obviously they would prefer to be recipients). People who never read books in their life begin reading about poker when they learn to play.

And I found this website, which is pretty incredible in the context of this thought process!

The Church of Texas Holdem:

Any thoughts?

poker holdem answers:

For me it is a job and it is my life’s 4Th love besides my god, my girlfriend, and my kids. But i do not see poker as a religion, i deal poker full time and none of the people deal with would say its a religion at all. But i will say that it is a fun game to play and i do study all the time to get better at it, but not to get into a big discussion about god, but i only know one church and it is the church of our lord and Savior. I have read super system and it is the bible of poker but i try not to get to serious with it, i might pop a brain cell or two if i get focused on it. We’ll good luck on your church, i wish you the best.

Sharon asks…

what is the best texas holdem poker tool to use for online gaming to cheat.?

something to calculate other players hands and to calculate my pot odds and show my hand strenght and other cool stuff to help me win.

poker holdem answers:

There is allot more to Texas holdem’ poker than playing the odds to win. You need to be able to read the other players habits also.

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