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Daniel asks…

Stack Poker Deck?

anyone know a website on how to stack a deck of cards for texas holdem poker? or any tips would help ty
you cant cheat online poker.. i mean a real stack of cards

poker holdem answers:


Steven asks…

any begginers tips for a new poker player?

hi guys i love playing texas holdem and was wondering if any of you guys had any tips for a begginer it would be much appreciated .

poker holdem answers:

Have fun with your friends and try to work out roughly how likely you are to be beating your opponents/how likely they are to be beating you. You may think you’ve got a good hand with a straight, but if there are 4 suited cards in the middle, then it’s likely that you won’t be winning. Simple, but handy, things like that will help you out a lot. Don’t just think about your hand. But at the same time, if you’ve got a pair of tens in your hand, and the flop is 2, 4, 8 with no real threat of a flush, then you’re in a good position, even if your opponent has ace, king.

Also, just because you have two suited cards in your hand, that doesn’t really mean much.

The pros don’t just use luck and bluffing/reading your face, they also work out things called “pot odds” and “implied odds”. This is essentially using maths to work out how likely they are to win based on the hand they have and the cards on the table. The “implied” part is referring to the cards that “may” be out there, but are not necessarily.

You may think you’re a good player, but don’t be fooled; if you go online and start betting money, you will lose it in no time as the pros will work out how likely they are to win. They may lose sometimes, but working out the odds means that they will win more often than they lose. If you see poker on the tv, you’ll see the percentages next to the hands…the pros work out that percentage in their heads (or as far as they can with the information they know).

Just have fun, and don’t jump in the deep end before you’re ready.

Helen asks…

What are the different ways of playing poker?

The ones I know of are Texas Holdem, 5 Card Draw and Seven Hand Poker. Are there anymore. What else do you need to know about poker? Can you give me tips on how to check if someone is bluffing?

poker holdem answers:

Only with experience you will develope an instinct to pick up on bluffs.You have to watch the players habits and bet sizes.Do they check call draws or bet out draws.Do they always raise from the button.Do they slow play a flopped set.How often do they raise preflop.Studying these and other factors will help you put opponent on a range of hand.The range is not exact.For instance if a tight player raised preflop, and then called my reraise I would put him on a range of pocketpairs 10’s, J’s ,Q’s, AK ,AQ ,BUT NOT KK or AA. If he had AA KK I would expect a rereraise.
The flop,turn ,river give you more information.Analyse betting patterns, remember previous actions.Based on this if you get an unusual overbet.You got to think is he bluffing or has he trapped me.
Ofcourse you will not always be right,but as long as you are right most of the time,you will be profitable.
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Sandra asks…

Texas Holdem help?

I’ve read the tip book by Phil Hellmuth. It was pretty good. I was on with real $50, and i lost it all (i had an Ace High Flush, beaten by a Straight-Flush if you can believe it! I was all in, double or nothing). So, do you guys know anywhere to get good solid poker tips for free?

poker holdem answers:

The best thing to do is just play. Once you know the basics, it’s all about luck of the cards and reading people. Play on free sites, but also play at real tables (start with friends for fun or low stakes) to get used to playing with real people and seeing their tells and also learning to control your own. Good luck!

Betty asks…

3 Most Important Tips for Poker?

I am 3 hours away from playing what is potentially the biggest poker tournament I have ever played in.

The price to play is £1000 and the jackpot for the winner is over £50,000 – there are over 200 players.

The game is No Limit texas holdem and what I want to know is what are the 3 most important things I could have in the back of my mind – to get me the furthest and potentially win this tournament of my life.

NOTE: This is entirley serious, please do not post any jokes (go all in 7,2 etc) I only want advice from people who consider themselves experts at poker.

I have finished the tournament and I won…

I now have £50,000 in my bank – which I have some of you to thank for.


Still keep posting everyone, your best 3 tips in poker to make it big…

poker holdem answers:

1. Determine what kind of players you are up against.
Determine who is tight, who is loose and who is a maniac. Don’t enter pots with tight players unless you have a premium hand, do enter pots with loose players more often then any other because they will pay you off if you hit a hand. Maniacs well one things certain don’t try to bluff them because they will usually call.
2. In tournaments it is very important to put pressure on the short stacks and avoid getting involved in pots with the big stacks unless you got a premium hand. When you have a much greater chip count then the other guy (short stack) he is no threat to you, he can’t knock you out. Put him to a decision. If for example you were to limp against a
short stack knowing that if he goes all in you will call, don’t limp in the first place. You should be the aggressor not the caller. When you raise you double your chances of winning, A. He can fold B. You can have the best hand. But when you call you only have one way to win by having the best hand.
3. Swallow your pride and lose any ego. Ego and pride are deadly in poker. I know it’s hard sometimes especially when a complete donkey is making moves on you or getting lucky. But take a deep breath, be patient and wait for the right time. Don’t start making donkey moves back at a donkey, two wrongs don’t make a right. Patience is key here.

Oh one more very important piece of advice. Right before you get in the money the (bubble time) part of the tournament, up your aggression. Raise more preflop you will rarely get called because everyone is playing scared not wanting to go out on the bubble. If someone reraises you just let it go unless you got a premo. You will pick up a large amount of blinds and antes this way and put yourself in a excellent position to win the tournament not just make the money.

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